EPDM Diffuser Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser / Disc Diffuser Aerator 12 Inch

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GNGTHISM
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: GNBQ-350
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 2~10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000 pieces per month
Type: Disc Diffuser Membrane Material: EPDM
Support Dish Material: Strengthened PP+glass Fiber Connector: 3/4'' NPT Male Thread
Size: 12 Inch Color: Black/White
High Light:

micro bubble air diffuser


fine bubble aeration system

EPDM diffuser membrane 12 inch disc air fine bubble aeration diffuser

GNGTHISM series 12 inch bubble diffuser is developed by our company, we own proprietary intellectual property rights new type aeration device, such 12 inch bubble diffuser owns the advantages effective design, low installation costs, reliability and high performance in intermittent and continuous aeration processes.

EPDM Diffuser Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser / Disc Diffuser Aerator 12 Inch 0

Technical Parameters

Model GNBQ-150/170 GNBQ-215 GNBQ-260 GNBQ-350 GNBQ-650
Bubble Type Coarse Bubble Fine Bubble Fine Bubble Fine Bubble Fine Bubble
Size 5/6 inch 8 inch 9 inch 12 inch 675*215mm
Membrane Material EPDM/SILICONE/PTFE
Base Material ABS Strengthened PP + GF (Glass Fiber) ABS
Connector 3/4'' NPT male thread
Membrane Thickness 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm
Bubble Size 4-5mm 1-2mm 1-2mm 1-2mm 1-2mm
Design Flow 1-5m3/h 1.5-2.5m3/h 3-4m3/h 5-6m3/h 6-14m3/h
Flow Range 6-9m3/h 1-6m3/h 1-8m3/h 1-12m3/h 1-16m3/h
SOTE ≥10% ≥38% ≥38% ≥38% ≥40%
6m submerged 6m submerged 6m submerged 6m submerged 6m submerged
SOTR ≥0.21kg O2/h ≥0.31kg O2/h ≥0.45kg O2/h ≥0.75kg O2/h ≥0.99kg O2/h
SAE ≥7.5kg O2/kw.h ≥8.9kg O2/kw.h ≥8.9kg O2/kw.h ≥8.9kg O2/kw.h ≥9.2kg O2/kw.h
Headloss 2000-3000Pa 1500-4300Pa 1500-4300Pa 1500-4300Pa 2000-3500Pa
Service Area 0.5-0.8m2/pcs 0.2-0.64m2/pcs 0.25-1.0m2/pcs 0.4-1.5m2/pcs 0.5-2.5m2/pcs
Service Life 5 years

Good effect on saving in power, and low operating cost
Because of the high oxygen transmission efficiency, a low powered blower can satisfy the oxygen volume required by the aeration process. As a result, power is saved, operating cost is decreased, and the cost is reduced.

Excellent counterflow prevention function
The backstops are all equipped with valves to avoid counterflow when the air transmission is broken off, enabling the pores to shut smoothly and applicable to intermittent operation. It's unique and even air vents can lead the airflow effectively and can prevent sewage water from flowing into the aerator pipeline effectively.
Long guaranteed life
The EPDM membrane is a special elastomeric polymer with high non-deformability and anti-tearing index. The membrane is made at even thickness with small pressure. Special processing technology is used to overspread 6000 micro-pores on the surface of the membrane. Under running condition the air bubbles rise with spiral whirlpool, giving self-purification ability to the membrane. The life of the membrane under normal use is guaranteed for 5 years, but usually, it is necessary to use it together with the water removal system.
Unique ring seal
The aeration head tightening ring provides a tight-sealing effect between the aeration head base and the membrane washer -- the higher the air pressure, the better the sealing effect.
Easy installation
PVC soft connector can be installed directly without any other auxiliary tools. The operation is easy and convenient.

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